Small 4×4 Cars

Are you curious as to what is up with all the excitement regarding small 4×4 cars? You wouldn’t be alone. Despite some confusing information that is out there, the definition of a 4×4 car is quite simple.

What is a 4×4?
A 4×4 car is a small vehicle that is also referred to as a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Four wheel drive vehicles have engines that send power not just to the two front or rear vehicles, but to all four wheels at the same time. By sending power to each wheel separately (though simultaneously) a 4×4 consistently gets better traction on the road then its two wheel drive counterparts, and getting better traction means that you have greater control of your vehicle and, thus, a safer trip.

Small 4×4 Cars

Small 4x4 Cars

While a 4×4 vehicle may seem like overkill for those who are not faced on a daily basis with off-road challenges, a 4×4 vehicle is not entirely useless in a suburban or city setting. When it comes to adverse road conditions, 4×4 vehicles really shine, as they get far better traction on roads made slippery by sand, snow and mud. They are also far easier to get ‘unstuck’ should you find yourself in a sticky situation. Since each tire moves independently, the three that aren’t stuck can work together to pull the stuck one out of its problem area, and you will have to deprive the tow truck operator of their commission.

While this kind of traction is great to have, on those occasions when you find yourself in situations that require you to actually leave the well-traveled road and make your way across fields, gravel or even rocky ground, the 4×4 gives you a far better advantage than any two-wheel drive vehicle and, because it is designed to sit higher up from the ground, you will have far better clearance than any of the lower-slung cars. This means that if you do find yourself in an off-road situation, your chances of damaging your vehicle will be decidedly less.

As you can imagine, this sort of flexibility and durability means that 4×4’s are incredibly popular for anyone who needs a little extra power in their vehicle, such as farmers, construction workers and even the military as well as those who like to go off-roading for fun. But you don’t have to be an off-roader or even a member of the military or someone who depends on their 4×4 to get their job done in order to appreciate the benefits that a 4×4 has to offer. This is why there has been such a surge of popularity in smaller, 4×4 cars.

Small 4×4 cars offer all the flexibility and durability of their larger 4×4 pickup truck and SUV counterparts, but are designed for drivers who only need them for normal day-to-day driving and commuting purposes and simply prefer to have the added stability and safety features as an added means of security in a hectic and unpredictable world.

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