Mini Cooper Clubman 4×4 Countryman

Consider the Mini 4×4 Countryman, no, the Mini Clubman 4×4, or maybe the 4×4 Mini Cooper! Wait, how do you choose between them? They are all so fun and, well, efficient, it can be very hard to make a choice.

Take the Mini 4×4 Countryman for example. The first SUV offered by Mini, the Mini 4×4 Countryman is currently Mini’s darling. The central speedometer is large, even for a Mini, and it comes with all kinds of gadgets; bells and whistles that technically savvy individuals are going to love. It also comes with either four or five seats depending on the layout you chose and a rail that runs through the cabin where all the sliding accessories can be stored. It has very limited head and leg room as well as miniscule storage capacity, but if there are only one or two passengers, and the vehicle is being used for commuting purposes, you really can’t get any better, especially since the gas mileage is out of this world! But then all of the Mini’s are great on gas mileage.

Mini Cooper Clubman 4×4 Countryman

Mini Cooper Clubman 4x4 Countryman

Mini 4×4 Countryman
Look at the 2011 Mini Clubman. While this Mini addition has rather an unusual look to it; almost like a bug who was startled out of sound sleep, it does have significantly more storage and rear passenger space. While the center speedometer is still not arranged for convenience, it still has enough features to make a techie smile. This is, for all intents and purposes, a larger version of the Mini Cooper Hard Top and has the same awesome gas mileage as its other Mini brothers, like the Mini Cooper.

If you want cute, then the Mini Cooper has it – in abundance. But with the Mini Cooper you don’t have to stop at cute and quirky. Do you want something different? Different colored seats? A different color stripe? An updated sound system? Don’t worry; the Mini Cooper thrives on customization and even comes in a variety of new colors that have people scratching their heads as to what exactly “spice orange” can actually be considered a color. The Mini Cooper has excellent performance and safety ratings of course, but on the downside the cooper can cost a pretty penny, with the starting base model beginning at $20,100 and increasing with every extra and customized feature you add.

But the cost of any of the Mini’s is a small price to pay when it comes to safety and fuel efficiency, both of which the Mini’s excel at and if you can afford it, any of these Mini models make an excellent choice in 4×4 vehicles that will take you wherever you need to go, and get you some stares and talking points on the way.

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