Best Small 4×4

Perhaps you are wondering which is the best small 4×4 on the market today? You would not be alone. Many individuals and companies have weighed in on the question, and all have agreed that it comes down to individual preference when it comes to six separate categories; reliability, safety, interior space and storage, exterior looks and overall performance.

Each of the small 4×4’s falls short in one area or another; one’s fuel efficiency is not as good as another, one’s trunk space is not as large as another; one’s exterior looks are not as good as another’s. But if you look at overall scores, the best 4×4 in all of these areas has to be the 2011 Toyota RAV4 has to be the best pick of the bunch.

Best Small 4×4

About the Toyota RAV4

Best Small 4x4

For its size and price-range, the Toyota RAV4 has what it takes to be considered the top small 4×4 on today’s market. The RAV4 has a good reputation as the car model that changed the way people think about SUV’s, turning them from strictly Sports Utility Vehicles to a safe and reliable alternative to the family station wagon. The 2011 RAV4 has all of this, plus more.

With a roomy interior and smooth handling, the RAV4 is not a difficult car to handle, and with the option of a V6 engine, it can now be considered one of the most powerful engine’s in its class. This is a very attractive feature, especially since the V6 engine does not significantly cut down on fuel economy.

Another very attractive draw for the RAV4 is the fact that it has a third row of seating. While the seating space in the third row is limited, it’s great for transporting multiple kids around, and the spaciousness of the cargo space makes the RAV4 particularly popular with parents who have to deal with everything from grocery shopping to serving as the neighborhood carpool.

On the downside, the interior of the RAV4 is not as classy as some other brands and does not come with some of the gadgetry that many people consider imperative when having a new car, it does its job and does it well, ranking high in both safety and reliability. In short, while there are other SUV models that are quickly catching up to the RAV4’s offerings, it still stands out as a top pick when it comes to small 4×4 vehicles.

Is the RAV4 the Choice for You?
A choice in small 4×4 vehicles is going to depend entirely on your own personal needs and preferences. Are you more concerned with safety, or with reliability? Does the fuel efficiency mean more to you or is it more important to you that the vehicle have a large amount of storage space? In this regard, only you can decide which is the best small 4×4 for you.

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